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Old People!

A discovery of amazing importance!

It's almost as if the Associated Press has never been to Boca Raton -- The Castro regime trots out a bunch of old-timers, insists that they're a part of the "120 Club" (even though none of these oldsters are actually identified as being 120 years old), and the AP walks right in and acts like they've built a mountain to rival Mt. Everest out of blue cheese.

Seriously, it'd be nice if the AP would stop acting like a puppet for every third-world sh-thole dictatorship in the world for once, and maybe try actually reporting news for a change. Sure, the Castro regime wants the world to think Everything Is Peaches down there, but that's what every dictator wants you to think.

It's Not News.

Try checking into what the Castro brothers are actually doing to their subjects down there, you easily-fooled morons. That would be a noble news pursuit that'd actually be worthy of merit.

Repeating what you're told like an idiotic little parrot, not so much.

Rosa Maria Cartaya, 104, center, arrives to attend a meeting of the 120 Years Club at the National hotel, in Havana, Cuba, Thursday, May 26, 2011. Cuba is hosting the 9th International Congress for Satisfactory Longevity May 25-27. (AP Photo/Franklin Reyes)

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UPDATE: I just noticed that the Castro dictatorship has arrested one of the most prominent dissident bloggers on the island, Luis Felipe Rojas, yet again. How about the AP gets off its lazy butt and looks into this case of actual repression for once?

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