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Deconstructing Virginia

The wrecking ball, illustrated.

In our increasing experimentation with muttonheaded multinationalist Leftism, a plague that has thrived almost completely unchecked in our country for the past hundred years or so now, it would seem that the Commonwealth of Virginia is officially in the business of running elections for foreign nations. To say that this is not the Virginia (much less the United States) of my youth is, sadly, the understatement of the century.

SUNDAY 6/5: Heavy Traffic Expected in Falls Church
Thousands Expected to Attend Peruvian Election

Two Falls Church City schools will be the polling place on Sunday, June 5, for Peruvians voting in their home country’s presidential election. Thousands of people are expected, potentially creating heavy foot and vehicular traffic in the area.

George Mason High School, 7124 Leesburg Pike, and Mary Ellen Henderson Middle School, 7130 Leesburg Pike, are being rented from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. for the election. Falls Church City Police and Fairfax County Police, with assistance from the Virginia Department of Transportation and Metro, are coordinating plans for keeping traffic moving, including having extra personnel on site. Visitors to the polling places have been encouraged to use public transit. Drivers to the City are advised that parking in shopping center parking lots are for customers only and cars may be towed if parked illegally.

To all of the idiots out there that continue to suggest that illegal immigration is somehow free of cost, I wonder what unit of payment you pay your fictional police force with? Do your traffic agencies operate on Genuine Organic Unicorn-Origin Skittles like you apparently believe Virginia's do?

And what exactly does this do to benefit the Commonwealth of Virginia, pray tell? I'm dying to know.

I'd ask in what universe this makes sense, but I already know the answer to that.



#1 Greg Letiecq 01-Jun-2011

Wouldn't it be easier if we just deported illegal aliens from Peru so they can vote in their OWN country?

#2 Brian C. Ledbetter 01-Jun-2011

On the contrary, if we import all of them here, we can make sure that we run all of their elections forever! It's the least we can do for committing the ultimate sin of existing, after all!


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