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Rage Jews

Finally, a real "extremist."

Ah, the delightful predictability of the media. Once again, we have the joy of witnessing a group that has at best 12 members be inflated by the press into something that looks far more impressive than it really is.

But hey, why "report" the news, when you can sit back and invent whatever crazy storyline your heart desires?

Anti-Zionist Ultra Orthodox men, members of the Neturei Karta group, burn the Israeli flag during the Lag Baomer celebration in the Mea Shearim neighborhood of Jerusalem on May 21, 2011 during the celebration of Lag Baomer. The Lag Baomer bonfire is to commemorate the death of renowned Jewish scholar and renowned Bar Yochai some 1800 years ago. In a night long vigil thousands of Jews will light large bonfires and visit the final resting place of Bar Yochai, who is revered as one of Judaism's great sages. AFP PHOTO/ MENAHEM KAHANA (Photo credit should read MENAHEM KAHANA/AFP/Getty Images)

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