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Rage Christians

They're mad as heck.

To be fair, it usually takes something serious to get Christians to rampage in the streets in fits of rage. In this particular case, it's Egyptian Islamists behaving like Islamists anywhere do, burning down churches left and right (and killing Christians in the process). In Pakistan, when we commented on this phenomenon last, it was roughly the same story.

Compare and contrast that with the world's raging Islamists, who burn things in the street and murder people based on rumors and accusations. Someone let a Koran touch a toilet somewhere! A bunch of meanies drew some nasty pictures of Mohammed! Or heck, even Salman Rushdie or The Pope would do as an excuse in a pinch. The response from the traditional Muslim rabble remains the same for each: DEATH TO THE INFIDELS!

And yet, it seems that every time this happens, it's the latter group that gets the sympathetic speeches and endless apologies, as if all of the brutal violence inflicted by these Muslim hordes is, somehow, justified.

It's not like there's any actual persecution going on that deserves sympathy, after all.

Egyptian Coptic Christians chant slogans during a demonstration outside the state television building in central Cairo on March 9, 2011 a day after ten people have been killed in religious clashes between Muslims and Copts in the city when Christians gathered to protest the burning of a church last week. AFP PHOTO / STR (Photo credit should read STR/AFP/Getty Images)

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