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Barack Mensa Obama

I wish it were still 24 May 2008, myself.

Hey, I'm not one to question How Smart Barack Obama Is, since he and his cronies have put a great deal of effort into concealing his vast and undoubtedly impressive University records... But I'm pretty sure that if George W. Bush pulled a boner like this, the caption might have been written just a little bit differently.

A message signed by US President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama apparently with the wrong date is pictured in the guest book during a tour of Westminster Abbey in central London, on May 24, 2011. US President Barack Obama Tuesday basked in the lavish royal pageantry of a state visit to Britain, given an extra dash of glamour by a brief encounter with Prince William and his new bride Catherine. The president and his wife Michelle were welcomed by Queen Elizabeth II and a 41-gun salute in the gardens of Buckingham Palace at the start of a two-day visit that will mix pomp with serious diplomacy. AFP PHOTO / JOHN STILLWELL / WPA POOL (Photo credit should read JOHN STILLWELL/AFP/Getty Images)

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PS: If Barack Humblus Obammus has lost New York Magazine, is there anyone left to defend him?

PPS: Nuts, beaten to the story by Michelle Malkin yet again. Snapped Shot = Teh Stinkh.

At least I beat Gateway Pundit and Confederate Yankee for once! (Not to mention Hyscience and even the great Allahpundit! Woo hoo!)

Steve Tawney makes an interesting point regarding the formatting of the date... though I'll say that I personally prefer the European date format, if for no reason other than Oracle does (not to mention most of DOD). I'm sure that's not where Barack Humblus Obammus learned to write his dates, though...

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