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Moonbat Relocation Program

Earth to Congress!

Dennis Kucinich is thinking about relocating to Washington State in the event that his Ohio congressional district disappears as a result of the declining population of Cleveland.

I think this is a teriffic idea, and think it's something we should seriously consider implementing across the rest of the country -- Any representative that's clearly too batty to represent the real world that the rest of us live in should absolutely be relocated to Washington, where they can be free to represent all of the other moonchildren that've moved up the Pacific coast over the past 40 years. That way, we can guarantee that they'll all be happy*, given that they'll be surrounded by people that think exactly the same way they do, while at the same time we have the benefit of removing these stargazers from our own districts.

Everybody wins!

Rep. Dennis Kucinich, D-Ohio-for-now, returned to Washington state Saturday for a weekend of public appearances as part of his continued flirtation with a potential campaign for Congress here in 2012.

Kucinich remained coy about his future plans as he talked to an adoring group of about 50 people at a Democratic fundraiser in a Woodinville reception hall Saturday afternoon.He downplayed the speculation in an interview before the event, but later he told the gathering it's not so important that Washington's next member of Congress be homegrown.

The small crowd sipped wine and coffee as they took in Kucinich's critique of an America he said has been "calcified" by fear since the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. He railed against the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq as motivated by oil and said Congress should demand the troops come home from those wars, and from military bases around the world.

Judith Shattuck, an organizer for the Washington State Progressive Caucus, which co-hosted the event, summed up Kucinich's appeal to progressive Democrats — lauding his ability "to put into words what so many of us feel in our hearts."

Far be it from me to ask what it is exactly that Judith is smoking...

* Yeah, I know, liberals can never be happy. That's the price they pay for feeling the little people's pain!

(Image courtesy Moonbattery.)

Update: Oops, forgot to credit Michelle Malkin for pointing out the amusing Kucinich story in an aside of her gloat about the Rise and Fall of Tony Weiner. (There's gotta be an off-broadway play in there somewhere...)

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