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Mugabe's facility?

The kleptocracy in Zimbabwe has apparently found a new hobby, now that the Zimbabwe Dollar is good and dead. Per the BBC, this one sounds like it'll be a lot more entertaining than that whole fiasco was:

Zimbabwe policeman jailed for using Mugabe's toilet

Relatives of a policeman jailed in Zimbabwe for using a toilet reserved for President Robert Mugabe are appealing for his release.

The policeman, Alois Mabhunu, was arrested last month in the city of Bulawayo after he used a special presidential toilet at a trade fair.

A police court on Wednesday ordered his imprisonment for 10 days.

Zimbabwean human rights lawyers said there was no law forbidding people from using the president's toilet.

No s--t, Sherlock.

On a positive note, I'll gladly point out that there is never a bad time to learn a little bit of Ye Olde Colloquial English:

Mr Mabunhu was on duty when he was caught short and rushed to use the reserved toilet. He was arrested several days later.

So next time you hear me hollerin' about being "caught short," just make sure that the way to the loo's nice and clear.

(h/t Meka)

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