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Or, welcome to my low-maintenance heck.

A Tree Falls in the Forest—Or: Flatlining This Blog



I really do enjoy writing this blog—or whatever you'd call what we do here. Observing news photographers at work, along with venting on the latest stupidity of the hour has provided countless hours of amusement for me over the years, but seriously...


Judging by the QuantCast numbers, I'm pretty much talking to myself here.

I know we've had a slow couple of weeks over here—work's been unusually busy this month—but I'd like to think I've put together at least a solid piece or two every now and then—and yet, time and time again, the ol' SiteMeter needle moves not even a blip.

So what's missing around here? What can I do that would make this site worth actually visiting again?

Or could it be that it's really time to pull the plug on Ol' Snappy? Maybe everyone else really has just moved on past this nostalgic little corner of the 'net.

I hope you'll share your thoughts, even if only to rub my nose in it. Might as well get something out of this post, after all...



#1 Yishai 15-Jun-2011

You're still in my RSS reader!  I'm listening!


#2 Isophorone 15-Jun-2011

I'm here and reading!

#3 Brian C. Ledbetter 15-Jun-2011

Thanks alot for sticking around, guys! It really means a lot to me that y'all are still out there!

I don't mean to whine like this, and waste your time like this. My negative vibes aren't entirely due to the flatlining traffic, either - it's been a pretty off year all 'round for me so far, which just has me generally overwhelmed.

Meh. Again, sorry again for wasting your time with this crap. I'll do my best to be more of a Captain Positive about things, where I can!  :)

Warmest regards,

#4 Brian C. Ledbetter 15-Jun-2011

PS: I'm stuck without Facebook, Twitter, and Gmail for most of the day, which puts a crimp on pretty much any type of outreach that I'd normally do to try and drive traffic here. Even though I usually use those tools to write quick notes to other bloggers that might be interested in a story, every little bit helps.

Then again, even when I e-mail former acquaintences of mine like Ace and Michelle and Rusty and Riehl, I generally get crickets anyway, so maybe it is just me.


PPS: I'm thinking about channeling some of the side-project energy behind EvilFeed (including the much-improved Version 2 that you haven't seen yet) into a side venture that might be a little bit more intriguing for some of you. Or might not, or it'll be another colossal failure. Who knows, but be sure to stay tuned, because I'll probably have updates on that within the next forever or so. ;)

#5 Kevin 16-Jun-2011

Me too!

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