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Summer Camp

Looks like fun.

I know there are plenty of y'all out there that have either sent or are thinking of sending the kids to summer camp this year -- So I figured I'd put this out there as a public service message. If a summer camp you're looking at offers a course on crawling under barbed wire, as this newly-minted Hamas summer camp in Gaza does, I'd strongly recommend skipping it.

Of course, it does amuse me to point out that the press can't seem to find a connection between photos like the one above and photos like, well, this.

Where do liberals think Hamas militants come from, anyway? Teh Joos?!1!1?!

Palestinian children crawl under barbed wire as part of an obstacle course during a summer camp organised by the Hamas movement in the Gaza Strip June 28, 2011. If pro-Palestinian activists unexpectedly manage to slip past Israel's naval blockade on the Gaza Strip in the coming days, they might be surprised by what they see in the Hamas-controlled enclave. Roads are being paved, houses are being built, new cars have taken to the busy streets and shops are full of myriad products. Picture taken by June 28, 2011. To match feature PALESTINIAN-ISRAEL/GAZA REUTERS/Ibraheem Abu Mustafa (GAZA)

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PS: Anyone care to wager whether the red spot close to the center of the shot is blood? If so, any secondary wagers on what the length of time between the drop landing in a hypothetical Extreme American Summer Camp like this, and the first lawyer arriving on the scene would be?

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