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La Raza means "The Race"

As in whatever "race" Hispanics are, but that's not important -- Merely pointing out the fact that La Raza means The Race will undoubtedly cause one to be tarnished as -- shock upon shocks -- a racist.

So given the fact that La Raza means The Race, and that the Federal Government is now in the business of giving race-based grants to "The Race" for promoting Federal handouts on a race-oriented basis, one wonders when the Ku Klux Klan can start drawing government checks for the purposes of helping English speakers stay in their homes?

I mean, liberals would be pissed off if that happened, wouldn't they?

So what makes this acceptable?

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#1 carlos cuellar 08-Jul-2011

amen ,no more affirmative action for obmama thugs that include blacks, whites, browns .

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