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Losing the War on Spam

As I had promised, this blog received well over 1,500 spam comments during the time I was away from the computer last week. Because this is becoming a little bit more burdensome to manage than I had expected, I've gone ahead and installed the AntiSpam module here to try and cut the robots off at the pass. You as an actual user should not see one bit of difference in using the comment system (please feel free to test it here). There aren't any CAPTCHAs or other headaches that'll get in your way. We're trying TypePad's free anti-spam service out, so hopefully things'll "just work."

Of course, if things don't go as planned, and you're having problems with the system, please don't hesitate to write, and it'll meet the same fate as Mollom did.

Update: Hmm, that's unfortunate... Three initial tests, and all three crash Drupal. Guess I'll have to continue losing the war on spam until I can get on the server at home to see what went wrong. Awesome!



#1 Administrator 06-Jul-2011

Comments should be working now, even dastardly spammers.

#2 Administrator 06-Jul-2011

Yup. Sigh...

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