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AP Stringer Ousted

The photo itself isn't anything to write home about -- as any photo without a digitally-inserted Godzilla would be -- but my hat's off to my mortal enemies at the AP for at least trying to stay consistent. Via Poynter:

The AP has pulled a freelance photographer’s images from its wires because he copied one part of the photo to another in order to cover up his shadow. In a memo sent Monday morning to AP staff around the world, Director of Photography Santiago Lyon called it “deliberate and misleading photo manipulation.” He reminded staff of the AP’s ethics policy on image manipulation, which states that only “minor adjustments in Photoshop are acceptable.”

Our good friends at PDNPulse wonder whether the penalty for photo manipulation is high enough. The editing in this photo might seem mundane at a glance, but any unnecessary modifications made to a photograph will certainly cause the newsreading public to question the reliability of the photos they see -- Heck, that's the premise that created Snapped Shot, for Pete's sake! But given the fact that Miguel Tovar is now on the news industry's blacklist, I'd say the punishment is probably sufficient. Unless he was planning on making a career of shooting for third-world dictators, that is.

Children play soccer in El Algarrobal, on the outskirts of Mendoza, Argentina, Tuesday, July 5, 2011. Argentina is hosting the Copa America soccer tournament July 1-24. (AP Photo/Miguel Tovar)

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