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It's a vaunted skill!

Hey, if jumping over sedans is one of the abilities that are desperately needed to defeat the forces of Muammar Qaddafi, then I'm not one to complain. After all, the South has been at it for years. Kudos to Thaier al-Sudani for taking such an entertaining shot of the festivities!

Police volunteers demonstrate their skills during a graduation ceremony in Misrata July 11, 2011. Libyan rebels dug into defensive positions and took more casualties on Monday, stalled in their advance towards Tripoli in a slowing campaign that is starting to irk NATO allies. REUTERS/Thaier al-Sudani (LIBYA)

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#1 Kevin 12-Jul-2011

Are you sure that we want him gone?  I'm not so sure that we do.  Gadafi (I'm not going to bother spelling his name correctly) has renounced terrorism as a weapon.  The 'rebels' have not.


I still think we should bow out of that contest.

#2 Brian C. Ledbetter 12-Jul-2011

I'm torn on this one -- I'm generally of the "Dictators Gotta Go" party, and look at war as being a great way for our guys to get a rare chance at live target practice... but the way this one's been conducted (ignoring American law in lieu of orders from a foreign entity) has rubbed me a bit backwards.

(Having a Nobel Peace Prize winner -- undeservedly, granted -- who once loudly decried illegal wars start it makes my objection all the stronger, but I'm sure that's already a given...)

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