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Jon Stewart is an Idiot

I really need to manage my blood pressure here, since it's incomprehensible to me that anyone would listen to a single word this unfunny moron has to say, so allow me to sum things up by asking:

* What specific budget plan has Barack "The Daddy" Obama offered for Congress to consider? If your answer is the correct "no plan at all," then how exactly do you think he's showing leadership, you freaking idiot?

* Given that 100% of the government-mandated CFL lightbulbs are manufactured in China, and there are now ZERO lightbulb manufacturers in the United States, how in the ever-loving f--k do you think that Congress trying to repeal CFL mandates does not relate to rolling back China's manufacturing dominance?

To anyone who thinks that Jon Stewart is either factual or even remotely funny, my condolences.

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#1 Justin 13-Jul-2011

Thanks for the link, haven't seen that episode yet.  Exposing the absurd with humor.

Here's the directions a US LED light bulb manufacturer.  Current market cap... $3.44 billion,

Cree Durham
Corporate Headquarters

Cree, Inc.
4600 Silicon Drive
Durham, NC 27703

(919) 313-5300

Directions from Raleigh/Durham International Airport (map)

  • Take Airport Blvd to I-40 West (to Durham)
  • Exit from I-40 at Exit 281
  • Turn to the right (north) onto Miami Blvd.
  • Take the second right-hand turn (first traffic light) onto Chin Page Road
  • Take the next left-hand turn onto Silicon Drive; Cree facilities are on both sides of the street
    Visitors should continue past the first buildings on the left and right to 4408 Silicon Drive, a three-story building on the left, and park in front of the building
    Delivery trucks should check in at the Guard House on the left-hand side of Silicon Drive
Future of Our Company
Cree expects to add 275 North Carolina jobs during 2009 to serve the expansion of LED manufacturing capacity and other staffing needs at its Durham, N.C., facility. Cree anticipates creating an additional 300 jobs by the end of 2012.
I guess that makes up for the 200 employees making incandescent bulbs in 100 year old GE factory.

#2 Brian C. Ledbetter 13-Jul-2011

I was focusing on CFL bulbs primarily. LED's are more advanced technology, so they haven't been fully offshored yet.

Though: Since you bring it up, Cree is "expanding" its production into China, so don't be surprised when they pull the rug out from under their 275 American jobs.

At least you're downright fantastic at repeating the White House's latest officially-published spin. I appreciate it, since that means I don't have to do it! ;)

#3 Justin 13-Jul-2011

I particularly like this one from Jon Stewart.


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