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North Korea's Luxury Restaurant

Because when I eat luxury, I demand that my hosts look starving and miserable!

Yonhap, via Business Insider, informs us that Kim Jong Il's North Korea has opened its very first luxury restaurant!

Of course, I'd venture to guess that Li'l Kim has been eating in luxury restaurants for a really long time, considering his waistline, so this would officially be the first "luxury" restaurant that other people can visit. Oh, goody!

Assuming these people haven't been digitally inserted into the pictures, that is.* Which would be funny, considering that would indicate some level of fraud -- which would just be Impossible in the nation of Juche!

Marvel at the full gallery here, which includes such luxuries as a barber, a hairdresserand restrooms!

*Disclaimer: I am not seriously suggesting in any way that the photos are manipulated, nor that Phoenix Commercial Ventures has anything less than the utmost level of integrity. If there's any fraud going on, I can assure you that it's coming from the DPRK.

Update: Cripes, the one chance I get to get the Mega Jawa Traffic, and the server craps out. Boy, if that isn't my luck in a nutshell... Thanks anyway, Rusty!



#1 Kevin 14-Jul-2011

What's her number?  Hey, I'm not ALWAYS political.  She's cute!

#2 Brian C. Ledbetter 14-Jul-2011

You like 'em starving and miserable too, huh?

I keed, I keed!

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