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Bravery in Afghanistan

See above.

I was going to use the cutesy "Slutwalk: Afghanistan" title on this post, but this really isn't the time for cutesy. These women are risking their very lives by marching in the street to demand some semblance of respect from their male dominators -- The least I can do in return is show them the respect they deserve.

My prayers, of course, are with these brave souls!

Afghan women protest against street harassment in Kabul July 14, 2011. In high heels and head scarves, a small band of Afghan women took to the streets of the country's capital Kabul on Thursday to protest harassment by men. The sign (in blue) reads, "To disgrace women is to disgrace humanity". REUTERS/Mohammad Ismail (AFGHANISTAN)

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#1 Isophorone 15-Jul-2011

Tell them to take martial arts classes and pack heat as well!

#2 Brian C. Ledbetter 15-Jul-2011

I'd totally support that effort!

#3 Brian C. Ledbetter 15-Jul-2011

"Blackbelts for Afghanistan?"

"Kung Fu Against Oppression?"

The only problem I see here is the group of thugs that'd show up to shoot dead any woman caught enrolled in a program like that. It'd have to be kept really hush-hush...

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