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John Hawkins Depresses Me

This is where Snapped Shot is, in brief:

There are just a lot more opportunities for a talented liberal blogger than there are for a conservative with the same skill level. The Left has put a lot more money into building new media outlets than the Right — and that’s even setting aside all the opportunities that exist at newspapers for liberals, that really aren’t there for conservatives.

Moreover, it really is frustrating how unwilling many “established” conservative outlets are to help along the talent that exists in the blogosphere. There are people who are more talented than 95% of the professional conservative columnists out there, who can’t get a job writing for a living. Is that because they don’t have the right connections? Is their style too “P.J. O’Rourke” and not enough “William F. Buckley?” It’s hard to say for sure, but what we can say for sure is that there’s a lot less of that sort of talent waste on the Left.

If I were any less depressed about this blog's traffic, I'd probably have more to say on this topic... but as things stand today, meh.



#1 Zilla 21-Jul-2011

John Hawkins is wrong. Establishment elitist blog snobs like himself may be losing readers, but smaller blogs who are willing to provide information that the MSM and big establishment elitisit blog snobs won't are GROWING! People will go places for things that they can't get elsewhere. Don't let some jealous blog snobv who has a vested interest in the demise of little independent blogs get you down or get in your way. I wrote a response to his doomengloom over at my place and you know what I am seeing the most in response to my rebuttal? "Who's John Hawkins?" It's true! He may have been somebody once, but he is nopw circling the drain to irrelevancy and his potshots at up and coming bloggers is just noise from the death throes that his "importance" is in.

Don't let him get to you, he's the "nobody" now, not you, me, or any other independent conservative writer.

#2 Brian C. Ledbetter 21-Jul-2011

Thanks for the encouragement, Zilla! (I disagree with your assessment of Hawkins, even though he's been professionally ignoring me for the past 3 years. Very nice use of Rule 4, though!)

Look forward to adding you to my RSS reader, and to the Links page, whenever I get around to editing it.  :)

Brian the Zilch

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