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Candor is King

I spotted a cute little nugget this morning in an Oracle technote (customers only, ironically):

OGG has added support for replication of cyclic sequences in the builds.

Backport: Any code prior to v11.1.1.x must contain patch 9428942 to reliably replicate cyclic sequences.

Documentation for versions 10.0, 10.4 and 11.1 states that extract supports sequences. In fact, sequences were not intended to be supported

@ were never tested – hide, customer does not need to know this

and did not work seamlessly.

In the olden days, Oracle BUG and MetaLink allowed techwriters to provide internal commentary on a note by prefixing their thoughts with an @ sign. Apparently, this feature hasn't carried over into the new MyOracleSupport site, and somebody didn't bother to re-read their Technote after they were done writing it.

But hey, at least it's good to know that Oracle's business philosophy is as consistent as ever -- "We can't be successful unless we lie to our customers."



#1 I AM BRIAN 21-Jul-2011

Hmm, looks like we're back to having everybody be "anonymous" again. Why can't I have usernames AND spam control????

#2 I AM BRIAN 21-Jul-2011
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