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Obama Kills All Cars

Obamamobile courtesy GM's Place.

As if this idiot hasn't destroyed enough of our economy yet, here he goes again pushing to mandate cars that the American people have continually refused to buy:

President Barack Obama has struck a deal with the nation's automakers to raise mandatory fuel-efficiency standards to 54.5 miles per gallon (mpg) by 2025, a staggering 65% increase, National Journal reports.

The new figure represents a compromise between environmentalists, who had asked the government to raise the law from the present 35.5 mpg to 62 mpg, and the automakers, who pushed for 45 mpg.

Leave it to a freaking HARVARD GRADUATE with absolutely no background in business, engineering, finance, or any other pursuit that doesn't involve EXTORTION to try and revive the freaking Trabant. Believe me, folks -- all of the "gifted" oration in the world couldn't sell that POS, so whatever these environmentalist nutjobs that pull TOTUS' strings think they can sell to the American people, will absolutely fail.

Thankfully, when the automotive industry is finally and completely extinguished after this massive increase in government regulation jacks the price of an entry-level car way up to $45,000 and reduces the safety to that of a tin can, I will have the last laugh. Those tried and true Obama voters in the union-dominated factories deserve exactly what's coming to them, at this point.

(Oh, and the environMENTALists can go screw, as always.)

As always, Doug Ross brings the funny picture to the debate. Many thanks for the link, Doug!



#1 Justin 27-Jul-2011

I'm puzzled and confused, please help me understand. 

1st.  Conservatives were very vocal against any Federal assistance to the US automobile industry in 2008.  Without that assistance GM and Chrystler would have collapsed and many experts speculate Ford would have collapsed as well because they relied on the same sub contractors for parts.  Never to be again.  Maintaining idelogical constancy of no government interference in the private sector was more important than the real world impact of 1 million more unemployed and US losing a large part of US industrial capacity.  Fair enough, bizzare stance, but ok (ideaology is mental crutch to filter complex issues and make decisions quickly.  While one may derive mental pleasure and relief from not having to think through all the issues it is not an end in itself).  So if there wasn't a concern for the big three going bankrupt then why do you care if they go bankrupt from fuel efficiency standards now (accepting your premise turns out to be true).

2.  Conservatives rail against dependency on foreign oil and the more you use the more you have to import and the less you use the less you have to import.  So removing the prospect of a Back to the Future Mr Fusion in the trunk of every car or waving a magic wand that alters the laws of physics that govern mass, energy and acceleration.  What's the plan my man?

Oh and let's not forget that there is only so much dinosaur goo to go around

#2 chester arthur 28-Jul-2011

Here's the plan,Justin:Let the market decide.We survived the demise of Studebaker,Hupmobile,and Packard,among others.If government has to continually prop up a company,it isn't meeting the market's wants and needs.A company that puts enviro-extremists and government know-nothings ahead of it's customers isn't a true free-market company,but a governmental entity,in function.That's a litle too fascist for Americans,but perfect for the enviro-weenie movement.By the way,if wiki-socialist is your 'fact' source,you are as deluded as the party boy who wrote Mark Warner's worshipful,rather too touchy-feely entry on that propaganda site.You'll have to show actual proof that crude oil only generates from eons-old dinosaur remains.That theory has,of late,been seen as only one possibility.

#3 Kevin 28-Jul-2011

I can help you to understand, Justin.  Conservatives were definitely against bailing out the big 3 auto companies.  We still are.  Nothing has changed.  But any 'expert' who said Ford would fail as well should be crossed off of your 'expert' list, because he isn't one.

If we'd have let GM and Chrysler file for Chap.  11 bankruptcy, they would either have been better, leaner companies today, or ceased to exist.  Both are better outcomes than what we have today.  And one of them wouldn't be owned by Italy.


#4 Brian C. Ledbetter 28-Jul-2011

Excellent points, everyone! Y'all have responded with pretty much everything I would've said, so I won't waste too much time repeating your excellent words.

I am compelled to challenge the "increased fuel efficiency equals decreased imports" canard, however, as that one's been going around quite frequently on the kneejerk side of this debate.

Justin: CAFE standards have doubled over the past 30 years, and each time we take up the debate for increasing them further, the same stated reasons are perpetually trotted out. Reduce dependence on foreign oil. Reduce pollution. Encourage alternative energy. Etc, etc, etc.

But did you know that with each increase in CAFE standards, we actually increased the amount of oil we use, by nature of the fact that people can now drive further? To put it another way, did you know that your beloved CAFE standards actually invented the 60-mile daily commute?

Of course, when you combine massively increased consumption with heavily restricted production, generated by nature of the fact that we have not built one single refinery in this country since 1976, I think you'll also understand that CAFE does absolutely nothing to reduce our dependence on foreign oil.

It does help kill more Americans, though -- which is probably closer to what the Left's unstated goal was in implementing this program.

#5 Kevin 28-Jul-2011

I think Justin was being disengenuous with his second point.  If he was really serious about the oil issue, he would have mentioned drilling here at home.


Still, he makes a better troll than I do.  Yay Hezbollah!  Go Hamas!  Jiha... no, I just can't do it.

#6 Justin 29-Jul-2011

Brian,  your board is broken!  I posted a response and it didn't show up.  Site traffic get to high for the server?  Oh well, your programming was a little buggy back in the Network Telephone days too.

#7 Brian C. Ledbetter 29-Jul-2011

Sorry to hear about that, Justin! Thankfully, I didn't write Drupal, so even if it is as buggy as my horrific old NTC code, at least I can't take responsibility for it directly... Whew! :)

You remember Phill? I'm sitting on his server as we speak! It's a lot more stable than it used to be, but apparently I've still got lots of glitches to work out. Sorry that it's morphed into a giant comment-eating monster now... That means I'm-a gonna hafta go shoot it 'n stuff.

#8 Brian C. Ledbetter 29-Jul-2011

Gave Apache a quick boot, let's see if this clears up whatever angry memory leak is causing your glitch.

How in the heck has life been, man! It's been a long time! Where're you at these days?

#9 Brian C. Ledbetter 29-Jul-2011


I know it sounds counterintuitive, but it makes sense: The increased range brought about by Nixon's CAFE standards made the suburbs possible. Which I personally think is a "good" thing, so I'll accept that as a single benefit that CAFE has given us.

I don't have any problems with "pushing for better efficiency," so long as it's private efforts doing so in response to consumer demand. Once the government begins mandating that people build things a certain way, the Laws of Unintended Consequences begin to kick in, whether it's increased use of oil (rather than the decrease that Nixon promised us) or it's decreased automobile safety due to necessary weight savings.

But hey, I'm outnumbered here, so I'll just leave it at that. ;)

Please don't hesitate to let me know if you need anything for the server, btw. I'm always happy to help! :)


#10 phil 01-Aug-2011

okay, while i see your point and still disagree, i do want to know wtf happened to my post?!


#11 Brian C. Ledbetter 01-Aug-2011


Dude, I have no idea what happened to your post. Argh, looks like I need to give the serious beating to some Database gremlins now!!!!

#12 Brian C. Ledbetter 01-Aug-2011

If anyone wants to get a feel for what we deal with on a regular basis, or you want to get up to speed on the latest prescription medications, I highly recommend adding the following link to your RSS reader:

#13 Brian C. Ledbetter 01-Aug-2011

Double argh, I can't find your comment in the RSS feed listed above, Phill.

Please Excuse This Blogger While He Suffers With His Technical Issues Quietly. I'll be over there standing in the corner if ya need me! :)

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