The Ghost of Snapped Shot

Or, welcome to my low-maintenance heck.

This is a Test

Ball tip turkey beef meatball. Pork loin drumstick bresaola rump beef ribs chuck cow shankle chicken shoulder pig. Chicken meatloaf short ribs ribeye pastrami, boudin turkey beef ribs. Cow pork loin flank, meatball venison tail sirloin short loin. Jowl ham tenderloin short ribs drumstick chicken pork chop. Tongue shankle sausage ground round, pork pork belly pastrami ham pork chop short ribs short loin bresaola. Hamburger tri-tip drumstick t-bone.

Corned beef ribeye meatloaf, chuck rump flank beef bacon sirloin venison andouille meatball cow ground round beef ribs. Sausage ball tip pork chop, pastrami ham tri-tip tail hamburger cow tongue short ribs ribeye. Sirloin jerky brisket ground round. Hamburger corned beef spare ribs, swine flank pork beef chicken pastrami pig shoulder meatball salami andouille. Chicken pork beef ribs, hamburger bresaola pork belly tongue venison. Meatloaf pig cow tri-tip pork. Shank ham bresaola ham hock short loin, short ribs tri-tip rump beef ribs fatback.

Tenderloin sausage spare ribs rump, shoulder pastrami swine tail bacon biltong beef t-bone short ribs short loin salami. Rump ham t-bone drumstick salami jowl tenderloin meatloaf, bacon pork chop pork belly. Tri-tip shankle bacon, flank tenderloin chuck cow andouille pork ball tip ribeye corned beef pancetta brisket ham. Pancetta hamburger flank salami. Biltong bresaola pork belly, shank ham rump beef spare ribs bacon meatball andouille flank hamburger. Ball tip ribeye pastrami, meatball pig bacon strip steak andouille bresaola. Fatback jerky tri-tip flank, pork loin shank swine ham.



#1 Brian C. Ledbetter 02-Aug-2011

Hmm, looks like I need to tidy up the formatting on that <iframe> a touch.

#2 Brian C. Ledbetter 02-Aug-2011
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