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Palling with Terrorists

Smoochy lips.

The photo itself is fairly unremarkable -- save for the contrast between Haniyeh's touching pose and the armed gorilla behind him -- but the implications presented within are worth noting.

This breakfast, put on by the British charity Interpal, is promoted by Demotix as being for "the martyrs' families and orphans."

Given the previous allegations that Interpal was providing financial support to Hamas, and the fact that Hamas refers to pretty much anyone that engages in war against Israel as a "martyr," one wonders how it is that the charity thought that posing with a bunch of Hamas terrorists' families would be good public relations.

Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh greets children during breakfast. -- Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh of Hamas participates in the breakfast with the martyrs' families and orphans in Gaza and the ceremony was held in Ramadan food iftar Interpal Foundation charity. Palestinian Territory. 11th August 2011

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