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Emperor Obama

Totally unbiased Americans, not planted here in any way.

Somebody with a Haaahhvard education clearly doesn't seem to grasp the purpose of Town Hall meetings:

DECORAH, Iowa (AP) — During an Iowa stop on his three-day bus tour, President Barack Obama has been given an earful from two tea party supporters.


Rhodes persisted, and Obama moved on, saying, "It doesn't sound like you are interested in listening."

In Obamaland, politicians attend town hall meetings to dictate their ideas to voters, not to get any input from the riff-raff.

Because doing so means the terrorists* win.

Video of this exchange, including some aggravated heckling from Obama's True Belivers, is here.

* The Tea Party Terrorists, of course.

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#1 Michael Shaw 16-Aug-2011

Hi Guys,  Glad to know you exist, and thanks for the plug. By the way, Bag might be more progressive but we're not homers, especially if you've been reading our Obama commentary of late. More accurately, our mission is to "speak truth to visual power."  Regarding the picture, I don't know if these folks are (as) handchosen as the audience at a Bush rally was. I would say, though, that they (like the people in the Obama audience I posted today) don't look all that happy. Best of luck to you!


#2 Brian C. Ledbetter 16-Aug-2011


It is truly a pleasure to formally make your acquaintance! I'm not as, uh, consistent in my analysis as you are, so you have definitely caught me in one of my lazier moments. Hope you find more interesting things to read around here (this category is usually where I put my "quality" -- I put the "k" in "kwality" -- material, the rest of it tends to be a bit more thrown together).

Hope to see you around, sir!


PS: I'm not seriously suggesting that anyone bussed in Obama's crowds, though it is pretty clear that the True Believers got all the tickets judging solely by the tone of the questions being asked. Maybe Bush did the same thing, but I wasn't covering the wires at the time, so I don't have any good examples in my archive to compare this with. :)

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