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America's Cultural Suicide

American society has been degenerating into a fetid wasteland of endless "shock" for as long as I've been alive, but nothing that I've seen illustrates this unforgivable decline like this.

To put things in perspective, here's how our "shocking" pop culture looked way back in 1957:

Fast forward to the present, and we see a video that literally leaves me speechless—but be forewarned, Lady Gaga and Beyonce have made every effort to ensure that your sensibilities will be offended (which is why I won't embed it here).

Mrs. SnappedShot, who sent this to me, hit the nail on the head by describing this video as a "disgrace to America." And I couldn't agree more.

If this is the culture we want to live with our children, then I'm truly ashamed to call myself an American.



#1 Peterk 12-Mar-2010
Now I know why i don't want to follow Lady Gaga what a waste of time
#2 captainfish 12-Mar-2010

There is a reason she wears masks.  She is.... FUGLY!!!  And her music is worse.

Yeah, our cultural rot has been on a steady increasing tangent towards zero.  From the point we allowed government to dictate morals, art and education, our country started its slide in to the sewers that also accepted Rome and the Aztecs.

#3 donkeyrock 13-Mar-2010

Nothing you wouldn't see in a movie, but the song is crap. Like an homage to Quentin Tarantino with bad music. :>

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