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Why To Hate ObamaCare

Well, we already know that we hate it due to the government can't run a lemonade stand, let alone a health care system like MedicareMedicaid.  But now they want to run the whole country's care?  With less money?

We know that everywhere this type of health care system has been undertaken, it has failed and is failing.

We know that any Socialist that makes a proposal about control, that control will be Socialism.

And, we now also know that this Health Care bill will also radically alter the Student Loan system.

If a yearlong struggle to pass sweeping health care reform that will affect every American wasn't enough for Democrats, they have now decided to add a sweeping overhaul of student aid to the bill.

That means Democrats will try to muscle through two top administration priorities using a bare-knuckled tactic called reconciliation that only requires the approval of a simple majority in the Senate and prevents Republicans from killing the bills through filibusters.

With the student aid changes folded into the bill, Republicans suddenly had a new reason to oppose legislation they have long sought to scuttle.

And, Republicans are up in arms over it.

"Well of course it's a very bad idea," said Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky. "We now have the government running banks, insurance companies, car companies, and they do want to take over the student loan business."

He said it was symptomatic of Democrats' determination to have "the government expand its tentacles into absolutely everything."

And of course, nothing is as rosey as the Socialism Dreams ever present themselves to be.

Officials said that under current estimates, the change would free as much as $66 billion over a decade, although House Speaker Nancy Pelosi indicated she wanted it spread beyond Pell Grants to other education programs.

But the Congressional Budget Office recently said that since some 2,300 colleges and universities have already gone over to direct lending, upping the potential cost of the legislation to $68 billion over a decade, eating up the cost-savings projected.

Not only that but Pell Grants have soared in the bad economy so it is conceivable the fiscal picture could worsen.

So, then, what is the point?  If it is going to cost extra money, then why do it?  Didn't the Dims tell us that their plank was based upon smaller, more efficient, and more transparent than ever before?

But, don't let a bad thing, a bad situation, go to waste.

But Democrats are confident this will be a popular program, particularly since they are taking the power out of the hands of bankers who are not in danger of winning any popularity contests.

They are doing it to protect us from evil bankers who never did anything but run their operation based upon the rules they were given by Congress.

How thoughtful of them.

[Update:]  It would also seem that the ObamaCare wouldn't just attack large businesses.  But this new Health Care For All will also heap undo burdens and unfair regulations upon small businesses.

A press report earlier this week about a possible new wrinkle in ObamaCare demonstrates that the Democratic Party’s alleged interest in job creation is feigned at best and hostile at worst. On Monday, the Associated Press reported that a new iteration of the bill pushed by House Democrats “would require businesses to count part-time workers when calculating penalties for failing to provide health coverage for employees. Smaller businesses would be exempt. The Senate bill would count only full-time workers in applying the penalties, but under the change, described by a Democratic aide, two part-time workers would count as one full-time worker.”

...this proposal is best seen as a direct payroll tax on companies who rely heavily on them. In the fantasy world of Washington, this appears to be an attempt to force companies to hire more people to work full-time or to extend coverage to part-timers on their own. If it ever arrives in the real world, what it will really do is raise prices, increase unemployment, impede economic growth, and put thousands of companies out of business. It will also virtually destroy the part-time employment market,...

What does a health care bill (purportedly) have to do with job creation?  What does a bill porportedly dealing with providing care impose job-killing fines and regulations.

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