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Just Another Reason To Replace All Of Congress

... even the so-called Republicans.

Why do I say such things?  Again?

I present you with this....

The Senate's second-ranking Republican leader says he expects GOP lawmakers will vote to extend unemployment benefits this week — derailing a fellow Republican's objections.

And why would this staunch (so-called) Republican say such a thing?  Why would this so-called Republican vote for such a thing?

Sen. Jon Kyl of Arizona says the extension will pass, but only because it's temporary.

The benefits are part of a larger package of government programs that are expiring Sunday because senators couldn't agree on how to pay to keep them going.

So, the so-called Republicans are allowing this passage of "temporary" unemployment extentions because...... he didn't want the bloated, excessive, over-grown, and over-paid government to go without funding for one single second.

We have people being laid off left and right across this nation.  We have cities shutting their doors up and down across this nation.  But, heaven forbid the federal government learn to cut back, slim down, or learn to do with less during troubled times.

But no.  Not even so-called Republicans have the courage and bravery to cut this over-present government down to size.

Why can't we make this government do without.  Or at least, less?  Why are we giving those who are not working more money?  This package will amount to an extension to as much as 2 years or more of money for not working.

Have we not taken enough money from the working to give to the non-working?!

This is just one more reason to replace the near to whole of this Congress.

[Update]  At least Sen Jim Bunning has the balls to stand up for what is right.  He is getting slammed today by the nation's media for being insensitive to the unemployed (who have been without work for over a year now) and the pitiful construction workers (who were supposed to be paid through the stimulus and jobs bill I thought).  I say, go Jim GO!

(why are unemployment benefits tied to construction funds?  Why are the feds controlling state unemployment benefits anyway?)


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