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On The EDL

Robert Spencer, in an article about self-proclaimed "anti-Fascist" groups attempting to suppress free speech, defends the newest anti-Jihad movement, the English Defense League:

Since everyone who stands up for human rights and freedom against Islamic supremacism and violence is branded a racist nowadays, it's useful to look at the evidence. Here is a group that is so racist that it has featured a Sikh speaker, has a youth group that bears the slogan, "Black, White and Brown Unite," and says: "We welcome members from all over the political spectrum, and with varying views on foreign policy, united against Islamic extremism and its influence on British life. Everyone from those whose ancestral roots are in pre-Roman Britain to immigrants just arrived yesterday will be welcomed into the EDL with open arms as long as they are willing to stand up with us for English values and against Islamist hate."

Many people conflate the EDL with the genuinely racist and antisemitic BNP, which I repudiate utterly, but there seems to be a good deal of evidence to suggest that the EDL is not itself racist, white supremacist, antisemitic, neo-fascist, etc. At very least, they bear watching. In any case, these charges are invariably and inevitably trotted out by Leftists and their jihadist allies whenever anyone stands up against the Islamic supremacism that would deny our freedom of speech, freedom of conscience, and equality of rights before the law. After awhile, the wolf-crying becomes obvious.

I completely agree with Mr. Spencer. Although the EDL is relatively new, it should only be judged by its mission and its promotion of unity of all people opposed to the radical, Islamic ideology.

Those who support the Jihadist movement, as well as the ignorant and uninformed in the media, have been quick to label any who oppose open immigration and multiculturalism as "fascist" and "racist". Do not allow such dishonest labeling to influence your perception of truth and reality.

As Geert Wilders so perfectly states, it is not about rejecting individuals, but rather the violent ideologies that some immigrant groups bring with them to, and impose upon, more civilized societies:

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