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Global Warming Causes Glaciers To Bleed

Yeah, that's what the AGW alarmists would say at least.  But, what I would like to know is how come a lake isolated for over 2 million year, ... why was there no evolution?

You know for all the alarmist's fluster about CO2, they seem to forget that CO2 only plays a very minor part in our atmosphere's greenhouse effect.  Methane is 30x more potent and yet is also naturally produced in vast quantities.

All the while we are being made poor slaves to the unscientific and uneducated laws and taxes being forced upon us by the liberals and socialists in power.

But then, it is people like that that gave rise to the Darwin Awards.  May I introduce you to the latest Honorable Mention?

  #Dictatorship #Misinformation #EnvironMental

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