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Dr. Jones Gets B**ch-Slapped By Sweden

Remember all those affirmations from Dr. Phil Jones from East Anglia's Climate Research Unit that the data he was protective of was because he was not allowed to release it?  He was under a written privacy agreement to keep the data secret?

Well.....the Stockholm Meterological and Hydrological Institute gives Dr. Jones a great big SLAP!!

It has come to our attention, that last Monday (March 1), Dr. Phil Jones, head of the Climatic Research Unit at the University of East Anglia (CRU), in a hearing with the House of Commons Science and Technology Committee made a statement in regards to the alleged non-availability for disclosure of Swedish climate data.

Dr. Jones asserted that the weather services of several countries, including Sweden, Canada and Poland, had refused to allow their data to be released, to explain his reluctance to comply with Freedom of Information requests.

This statement is false and misleading in regards to the Swedish data.


This man needs to be drummed out of every scientific establishment.  He should not even be allowed in to Best Buy, Radio Shack, or the local science museum.  He is a sham.  He is a fraud.  He made a mockery of science and of research.  This man should not be seen in the daylight again.

But, the Swedes were not finished.  They had to do the little "twist" at the end of their dagger-thrust to Dr Jones' gut.

All Swedish climate data are available in the public domain. As is demonstrated in the attached correspondence between SMHI (Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute), the UK Met Office and Dr. Jones (the last correspondence dated yesterday March 4), this has been clearly explained to Dr. Jones.

What is also clear is that SMHI is reluctant to be connected to data that has undergone “processing” by the East Anglia research unit.

Ooooooo... that's got to hurt!

[Update] The Royal Imperial Torturer thinks it will leave a mark that Jones will see in the mirror in the morning.

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