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Could This Be Windgate?

Or maybe the Windmill-tapes?

Seems, Obama's administration got caught being a proxy for the wind energy lobbyists when Obama needed positive news about wind energy and jobs.  Gabriel over at Ace has the story:

The short attack piece they produced under the seal of the Department of Energy (PDF) was then used by the President to keep pretending that green jobs aren't the economic black hole that the Spanish report (and common sense) tells us they are.

According to emails (damn those ever-incriminating emails!) recovered by FOIA request, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), a division of Department of Energy, got interested in producing the report because the lobbyists asked them to. For example, from an AWEA email to NREL with the subject "Spanish jobs report":

              "It is critical we respond, this thing won't die and its doing a good job of undermining our green job message."

And from NREL emails:

             "AWEA policy people are quite concerned about a recent report published in Spain (likely the one cited here) and I suspect they are not the only ones." ... "We need to come up with an appropriate response to these criticisms soon. I just spoke to a few people at AWEA about this." ... "The AWEA folks are wondering what we'll do, so if this is our plan, I'll let them know."

Does their deceit know no bounds?  Will they do nothing to tax and spend our money?

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