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Must Be Their Idea of ..."Going Green"

Ummm?   Seriously?

This is their idea of fashion?  I have several thoughts on the latest Fall (??) Fashion by designer Unique.  First, utterly (pun intended) STUPID. 

Did the designer do this because he hates the models?  I mean, would any serious fashion designer make his girls wear something like this and not have them think that they are hated?  Could it be that this was a bet.  Maybe the models said that they could make anything look great.  Yeah, I think they lost this bet.  And, they definitely do not look happy wearing this stuff.

Second, the only other logical thing I could come up with was that this was the liberal greenies ideal look for us to wear after they destroy our economy and way of life through green taxes and green takeovers.  If a nation can't afford the taxes, fines and levies to supply its energy needs, then it reverts back to the wilds.  May I point you to Venezuela, Haiti, Gaza, and to some extent Mexico. 

If you want to live like this day in and day out, then continue to vote Democrat.

Me, I like the 21st century and the idea of generating our own power from our own natural resources so that I can drive a vehicle of my own choice from my home of choice around the city of my choice.

Either way, you have to be asking yourself, "Are they serious?"

Yes.  Yes they are.

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#1 Skul 11-Mar-2010

Oh, yes, folks will flock to the store to buy that.

Just once I'd like to see someone other than a model, wear crap like that.

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