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This Probably Won't End Well

How many times have we heard about the transplanting of species in attempts to either bring in an economy or to eliminate a pest and it turns around and causes a much bigger problem than the original issue.

Pigs and cats in Hawaii?  Snakeheads in California?

Well, scientists who think they know everything are at it again.

A handout image obtained on March 9 shows an adult psyllid, a Japanese insect which preys on Japanese knotweed. The insect is to be introduced on a trial basis in Britain to tackle a damaging super-weed, the government announced Tuesday.

They want to bring in a plant eating insect from Japan in the hopes that it will eat, and only eat, a noxious weed.  Yeah..... Say good bye to your agriculture, England.

I guess spraying the weeds is out of question?  Oh right.  The informed don't spray anymore.  After banning DDT spraying to kill off Malaria-carrying mosquitos, we are now being banned more and more from home-spraying of weeds with easy and effective herbicides. 

Now, Malaria is growing around the globe and my weeds are harder to kill.  Ugh, it is going to be another clover year.


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#1 William Teach 11-Mar-2010

It's interesting that many of the extreme enviro-kooks have been complaining about loss of species, partly due to invasive species, yet, here we have the government introducing an invasive species.

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