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God Is Mad At Toyota

Or, could it be that Toyota is just grasping at straws now?  I mean, we started off with the evil vindictive floor mats and now we have..... gasp... COS-MIC RAY-SSssss.  (you have to say it in that scary movie announcer voice to be effective)

WASHINGTON -- It may sound far-fetched, but federal regulators are studying whether sudden acceleration in Toyotas is linked to cosmic rays.

Radiation from space long has affected airplanes and spacecraft, and is known for triggering errors in computer systems, but has received scant attention in the auto industry.

Ok. As a public service, since that is all we are as a country now, let's give Toyota other possible suggestions for why their accelerators are sticking.

I suggest that the gremlins of WW2 have returned.  Or, by the time the chips came over from Japan, the warranty had already expired?

What do you say?



#1 DMartyr 24-Mar-2010

Definitely, Far-fetched.

I guess they are going for an "act of god" defense, which would probably, if successful, relieve them of liability.

I'd blame jinn. On second thought, the jinn are anti-islam, so maybe they are good guys.

How about Brownies? (And no, I'm not referring to the chocolate, hemp-laced cakes, although that might be as good of guess as any. I meant Brownies of folklore the sneak into buildings at night and complete work started earlier that day.)

#2 Mertz 24-Mar-2010

Well, Cosmic Rays, those rays and energy not produced by the Sun but which originate Exo-Terrestrialy, can have some odd effects.  They increase cloud cover, force down climate, and if the right ones get through the magnetosphere, could feasibly cause these problems.  Granted, Solar Flares are more likely (look at the March 1989 Quebec Blackout), but Cosmic Rays could feasibly be to blame if it is a problem with the "Drive-by-Wire" System.

Look at the Correlation between Sun Spots, Solar Wind and Cosmic Rays.  More Sun Spots equals stronger Solar Wind, which blocks Cosmic Rays.  We are currently in a signifigant solar minimum, with a much reduced Solar Wind, and an increase in Cosmic Rays.

So it is feasible.  Improbbable, but feasible.

#3 captainfish 24-Mar-2010


I agree that the probability is probable due to being proven under certain circumstances and incidents.  But, ...... have there been any other cars that have experienced any other "strange" electrical anomalies that could not be easily explained?  Seems strange that is is only one or two models that only Toyota makes.

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