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Life Imitates Parody: Meet the GM Laugh!

When General Motors was first nationalized by the Obama Administration, this photo made the rounds illustrating what we conservatives thought the Government would strongarm Government Motors into producing:

With that parody in mind, it's my pleasure to introduce you to the GM Laugh, the most ironically funny thing you're going to see this year:

The Democratic Party is the greatest—and most predictable!—blessing the Lord has ever bestowed upon we conservatives.



#1 Publia 24-Mar-2010

I am delighted to see that there will be an alternative to the Folkscar and appreciate your timely reporting, but I am troubled. Is that Washgton, DC or Detroit that is beginning to look so much like Shanghai? A cause for concern, n'est-ce pas?

#2 Anonymous 24-Mar-2010
Ah the future: American companies building cars in China, FOR China- all on the taxpayers' dime. CHANGE!
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