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Right! What Other Rights Are Rightly Demanded By The Non-Right

Now that the debate over whether or not health care insurance is a right, with the passage of ObamaCare makes it mute by trumping the Constitution, it is time that the non-Right moves on to other vestigial rights that must be re-enabled.

Despite the fact that the constitution says nothing about most of the rights that the non-right say it does, they continue to tell us what rights we actually have.

Now, the next right will be a citizenship right for anyone in the world.  We have already shown that our Constitutional protections cover any human that has ever lived on this Earth.  And some non-Earthers depending on who on the non-right you talk to.
But, fairly soon, the next big push to re-right the lost rights of the  non-right constitution will be that of the right to kill the unborn.  I know some already see this as a right, while some see this as a matter of choice.  Well, as Lachlan Markay of Newsbusters points out, the "choice" will no be a debateable thing in the very near non-right future.  Well, according to the non-right NPR at least.

Words matter. They speak volumes about issues. So when individuals or groups try to change the words associated with a heated political issue, take note and take care.

The folks at National Public Radio understand the power of words. Managing Editor David Sweeney announced yesterday that the station would no longer refer to people in the abortion debate as "pro-choice" and "pro-life." Instead, the station will say "abortion rights advocates" and "abortion rights opponents," according to a memo circulated to NPR staff.

You see, the discussion is no longer whether it is ok and moral to kill the unborn babies.  Now, the debate, if you will, is over the right to abortion.  There is a distinction.  The new terminology makes the distinction that the "right" to kill GOD's unborn souls is already set in stone and agreed to.  There are just some holdouts that are opposing that right.

There is no longer a discussion on whether this is a choice or not.  On whether there is a possibility of any moral repurcussions.  Now, if you oppose the non-right you are definitely not right.


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