The Ghost of Snapped Shot

Or, welcome to my low-maintenance heck.

South Africa Celebrates Diversity

A youth leader in the (Communist) African National Congress seems to have sparked a touch of controversy by singing a classic little ditty in front of an official Party event, the premise of which revolves around how they need to "shoot the boeres"—By which he means Afrikaners of European descent. You know—Caucasians. Whiteys. Crackers.

How strange.

Listening to the Left for all of these years, I could've sworn that it's us white people who have advocated for all of the violence in the colonial world. Could it really be that there's some non-white person out there encouraging people to commit acts of violence against some dastardly post-Colonial citizens of Colonial descent?

Thankfully, the ANP's media machine flew right into action, informing us that the young champ's song wasn't really meant to be taken literally.

Which is surely their way of saying that anyone who has a problem with the song is obviously...



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