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Day Of Rage Watch Issued!

Waiting for Rage Boy

I'm hearing from Gateway Pundit and Jihad Watch that the leadership of Hamas has declared today to be a "day of rage" against some random unforgivable insult to al-Aqsa Mosque (the Temple Mount).

We here at Snapped Shot will be on the alert for any wire hilarity that ensues, of course!

Warnings of widespread violence in Jerusalem on Monday proved to be unneeded, but police say the real test will be Tuesday.

Hamas announced a “day of rage” in response to the dedication of the restored Hurva synagogue in the Old City’s Jewish Quarter, police said. Large forces will continue to be deployed throughout the city, with 3,000 police and border police officers stationed in East Jerusalem and neighboring villages.

Limitations on access to Muslim prayers on Temple Mount will continue for the fifth day. Members of the Higher Arab Monitoring Committee are set to hold a procession in the east of the city on Wednesday. Jerusalem on Monday was tense but quiet. Around noon, Palestinians began throwing stones near the Mount of Olives cemetery, but no injuries were reported.

At 6 P.M., scores of youths hurled stones at Border Police troops from the Palestinian side of the Qalandiya crossing, north of Jerusalem. The youths were dispersed, and the crossing closed.

Update: Jameel is tracking the Day of Rage over at the Muqata.

Update 2: Soccer Dad writes to correct me—These protests are being waged over the restoration Hurva synagogue, as mentioned in the article above. I mentioned the Temple Mount at the top due to that being where most of the action seems to be. (Must be time for me to grab more coffee!)

The protests are, of course, as astroturfed as ever!


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