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Not 'Shopped: Reuters Nixes Evil Zionist Batons

Jumping at shadows?

It seems that somewhere, somebody had the audacity to charge Reuters with photoshopping the above photograph. Reuters has officially responded with the all-clear, and doesn't seem to grasp exactly what the complaint is about:

The picture was not altered. Here is a blown up section of the portion you mentioned.

Moreover, I can’t imagine why a news organization would try to change a picture to make it LESS dramatic: GBU Editor

I don't think you need to be reminded, but it was Reuters who got in trouble many moons ago for trying to pass off a MORE dramatic picture as news. (That incident is also what led to the birth of Snapped Shot, but I digress...)

To clarify for the humble GBU Editor, the accusation that is being levied against Reuters is that you are whitewashing the Evil Zionist Oppressors' crimes by photoshopping out their brutal police batons. That you're helping to improve Israel's image in the world.

A charge that if understood in context, would be the greatest comedy act in the history of all time.

Good job on debunking the myth, Reuters. Hopefully, your next act will be to actually balance your stories out for once.

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#1 DMartyr 17-Mar-2010

This picture is just BEGGING to be photoshopped!




#2 forest 17-Mar-2010

"Many moons ago"

Or in the case of CJ, many moonbats ago.

#3 William Teach 18-Mar-2010

I'm surprised they didn't put an ice pick in his hands, to make the Israeli's look evil.

#4 Kevin 19-Mar-2010

Darnit, you already did the funniest pshop :(.  Nothing can top  the one where the IDF guy is trying to dust the scuzzball.

#5 DMartyr 22-Mar-2010

Lol, I tried to use a rolled up newspaper, but it didn't show very well on the light background.

This was my first:

Showing off Israeli's latest technology!

#6 captainfish 22-Mar-2010

hahahahahaha.. you guys are awesome!!!!

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