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Gerry Connolly's Door? Surprisingly NOT Open

I received this in the mail this past Saturday:

So when I read a report from Dan Riehl that ol' Gerry has slammed the door in his constituents' faces yet again, I laughed.

You see, this "open door" policy of Gerry's has been in place since almost day one, according to the Congressfrog's website—And from the looks of things since then, it seems to be a pretty loose policy.

November 2009.

September 2009.

August 2009.

Twice,  even.

If I didn't know any better, I'd almost say that he isn't reeeeally all that interested in hearing what you rabble-rousing taxpayers think...

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#1 Citizen Tom 17-Mar-2010

That's a CBS video!  Wild!

#2 Yojimbo in Fairfax 18-Mar-2010

Connolly is no more than a loyal flying monkey to wicked witch Pelosi. He'll be back to work at a Beltway Bandit this fall, in the job that he bought and paid for while Fairfax County chairman.



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