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Democrats: Treasonous Party Without Compare

I say this because of a few things:

1)  Democrats are refusing to listen to the voters of this nation and back away from their unconstitutional governmental takeover of our personal Health Care choice.

2)  Passing the ObamaCare bill through bribery, blackmail and chicanery that will destroy our nation's health care industry.

3)  The Democrat's Health Care takeover bill will place an unconstitutional mandate upon USA's people to purchase something or face jail.  

4)  The Democrat's Health Care takeover bill will place an unconstitutional mandate upon USA's employers forcing them to pay operational fees to the federal government else face dissolution and/or jail.

5)  The Democrat's Health Care takeover bill will place another unconstitutional mandate upon the taxpayers to fund another social welfare program that we will never ever be able to pay for. We have failed and succumb to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.

6)  The Democrat's blackmail and bribery to force our elected officials to not vote their conscious or their people's desire.

7)  The Liberal's continued push to give amnesty to any illegal person who broke in to this country.

8)  The Democrat's attacks and plan to punish one segment of our country's industry:  insurance companies.  The Democrat's Health Care takeover plan will force the dissolution of all insurance companies.

9)  The Democrat's take over of parts of our banking, investment and automotive industries.  These are actions by dictatorial countries like Iran and Venezuela.  Not Free America.

10)  The Democrat's and Liberal's continued attacks on the free expression of any Christian ideal or belief.

11)  The Democrat's promised a free, open, honest and transparent government while being the most secretive, dishonest and closed.

12)  The Democrat's and Liberal's plan to takeover the free market system our energy and manufacturing system is based on through the implementation of Cap-and-Trade.

13)  The Democrat's belief that our Constitution is dead and a hinderance to their socialistic goals.

It is time to elect true Americans to our governing bodies.  It is time to heal our country and bring it back to the road of recovery through individual liberty and freedom.

It is time to route these vile and ungodly beliefs out of our country before it literally drives the life out of what makes this country America.  We must flush their evil before our country is destroyed both morally and financially.

For all these reasons and more I call the Democrats in charge of our government today Treasonous.  For these reasons, I call for a regime change starting this November.  It is time to banish Liberalism, Progressivism and Socialism.

“Above all, we must realize that no arsenal, or no weapon in the arsenals of the world, is so formidable as the will and moral courage of free men and women. It is a weapon our adversaries in today’s world do not have.”
– Ronald Reagan

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