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The Beginning of OUR End

Thus, doth Freedom fall:

Summoned to success by President Barack Obama, the Democratic-controlled Congress approved historic legislation Sunday night extending health care to tens of millions of uninsured Americans and cracking down on insurance company abuses, a climactic chapter in the century-long quest for near universal coverage.

"This is what change looks like," Obama said

Thus, with 219 votes, does our country continue its ever increasing spiral toward oblivion. 

As they say:  "When in Rome..... ", now becomes, "Like Rome before.... doth USA fall".

Is it time for our own Orange Revolution?

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#1 J. Tyler Ballance 22-Mar-2010

Republicans happily cheered Bush as he trashed the Constitution, instituted imprisonment of our citizens without trial and tortured our people who had the misfortune of being accused of being involved in disloyal acts (even though they may have been fingered by a rival who just wanted to set them up).


Now, Republicans are blubbering about freedom and liberty? Oh, the hypocrisy!


With the Republicans so heavily invested in the gloom and doom about health care, if this turns out to be a positive change, or a non-event for the citizens, then the Republicans will, once again, be shown to be the corporate-owned liars, that they truly have become.

Republicans claiming to fight for liberty is like whores professing their virginity.

#2 Brian C. Ledbetter 22-Mar-2010


Your party doesn't exactly have a shining track record when it comes to honesty and integrity, y'know. Whether it's broken promises about televising the healthcare debates as they're being crafted (while building the whole damned thing in SEIU's top-secret quarters) or on being the most accountable Congress in history (ignoring the tax cheats and graft dealers amongst the lot), you don't have much of a leg to stand on, my friend.

To suggest that Republicans have no reason to worry about this bill, though, really takes the cake. The entire "cost-cutting" nature of this bill is such a flagrant lie, it's pretty amazing that more of you Democrats don't balk at it.

For those who aren't aware, here's the *reality* of what the Congress just passed will do to our economy:

If you can look at that and say to my face that there's nothing to worry about, then you and we really do have nothing left to discuss, as we have absolutely nothing at all in common.


#3 captainfish 22-Mar-2010


Please cite how and with what Bush trashed the Constitution!
Please cite who and when Pres Bush illegally imprisoned and tortured a citizen of the united states!

Socialists who proclaim that this ObamaCare takeover of our nation is a good thing are nothing but snake-oil salesmen.

#4 captainfish 22-Mar-2010

And another thing.

Even with an expected total price tag of over 2 TRILLION DOLLARS, the primary point of this bill is not to give health insurance to the poor and uninsured (as it does not even cover everyone at the end of the very first 10 years), but it is designed to ruin the health insurance industry.  It is specifically designed to decimate the insurance industry.

If you calmly and openly look at how the rule to prevent monetary caps and force insurance companies to take people with pre-existing conditions, you will see that insurance companies can not survive under those regs.

If our govt can not even pay for Social Security, Medicade and Medicare, then how can you expect they will be able to pay for this?

If this bill raises taxes to over 2 TRILLION DOLLARS, while reducing the outlays to doctors and hospitals, all the while covering 50 million more people, then what do you expect will happen?  How can you say this is a good thing for our nation?

You can't drop payments, increase taxes, install MANDATES to be a free citizen, cover non-citizens and still be a valid and living country.  This will collapse our country.

It would have been bad enough during a time when our economy was roaring, but to push this crap through while we are teatering on a Depression is shear madness!

#5 Terry McClellan 24-Sep-2010

No one should protect anyones f.u.c.k. ups...  Democrats are decidedly anti-corporation but want big money to push big government.  A case of cranial anal submersion.  Republicans want big money to push capitalist greed but want the political power to run personal business and profit.

Neither if these scenarios works to repair our United States moral center while repairing our poorly engineered economy.

We have so diluted the original founding father constitution and paralyzed this United States with corruption.  We have used greed and profiteering to the point of criminal and prosecutable intent.  We have sold the united states to China and printed and spent more currency than can be conceived possible.

How can we stop this?  How can it be repaired? 

There are people with more brain power than what is being witnessed.  We need to SPEAK OUT with solutions! 

Employees of our government should DO THEIR JOB arrest criminals no matter how lofty.  Endite corruption or get out of the way!  Stop protecting the "system" because you are in it and rely on it to receive a pay check...   rather use the INTENT of the system to weed out abusers.

Once our nation has an INTENT to do right and fair and that is the goal WE THE PEOPLE are unstoppable.

"stands down from soap box"

#6 captainfish 24-Sep-2010

Thanks for stopping by Terry.  And, YOU can get on that soapbox at any time.

BTW, love the last name.

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