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Only Idiots Support ObamaCare

How can I say that?  What proof do I have?

I point you to the Democrats.  Nuff said. 

But, should you "demand" further proof, I point you to people who think this unconstitutional country-killing bill will solve ALL of their ills.

Get ready for stupid...

Durham, N.C. — Uninsured Triangle residents said Monday that they eagerly await the overhaul of the nation's health care system.

"It's just going to be like Christmas," said DeCarlo Flythe, who lost health coverage for his family when he was laid off almost three years ago. "It's going to be great. You know, no worries (about) the bills. We are going to go ahead and pay our co-pay and be alright."

aaawwwww.  Its Christmas in March!!  Yeah!! 

So, this guy has been laid off from work for last 3 years, and he thinks that Obamacare will pay all of his expenses.  All he has to pay is his copay and his life will be stress and debt free.  Even bill free. 


But wait, there's more.  If you buy now, we'll throw in this amazing tidbit:

Flythe, a diabetic, said he checked into buying a policy for his family, but he couldn't afford it. He recently landed another job, but the new benefits haven't kicked in yet.


And, he expects ObamaCare to fill the gap till his benefits kick in ONE MONTH from his date of hire.


But, he doesn't stop there...

"I worry day to day, honestly," he said. "I pray to make sure my child or my wife don't' get sick because, if they go to the hospital, we are looking at a couple of thousand (dollars in bills)."

Why would you send your wife and child to the hospital if they get sick?  Wouldn't you send them to the doctor first?  Or, is he one of these IDIOT people that believe in Emergency Room healthcare?

Now, I have saved the best for last. (snicker)  You won't believe how sssssstupid this guy is.

Flythe was among the patients Monday at the Walltown Clinic, a joint program of Duke University and Lincoln Community Health Center that serves the low-income neighborhoods near Duke's campus. The clinic serves 3,000 to 4,000 patients a year – 80 percent don't have health insurance – and charges co-pays based on what patients can afford.


And he still wants, demands, expects ObamaCare to solve all of his ills. 

I still have not heard of any ill?  What issue with our current system does this guy have such a problem with that he becomes dreamy over the nationalization and decimation of our current market-driven health care system?

I now present you IDIOT #2.  And I am finding it hard to determine which one is the biggest idiot.

Norman Rucker said he hasn't had health insurance in almost 10 years because his employers haven't offered it.

"I'm not a person who gets sick a lot, so I didn't think I'd need any medicine," said Rucker, who racked up about $100,000 in hospital bills over that period by going to the emergency room whenever he needed care. "I'm trying to pay them off. Collection agencies call me all the time."

Rucker's wife has insurance, but the couple couldn't afford to put him on the policy. Now, he's excited he may also have coverage because of health care reform.

"It'll make the world better. It'll make us all better, actually," he said.

We find again another person who believes in Emergecy Room Health Care.  Who does this?  Who, what IDIOT actually believes that it is CHEAPER to go to the ER instead of a local doctor??!?!

The only reason I can think of is because he is playing the system.  He knows the hospital will just bill him while the doctor's office expects payment up front or right after treatment.  Even with Obamacare, don't you think this guy would find a way to get care without paying for it then as well?

And, if he does not get sick, how in HELL!!! did he rack up $100,000 in hospital debt?!?!

Here's a stupid question:  Wouldn't it have just been cheaper to get the family insurance plan instead?  Where's the wife in all of this?  Or is she also an IDIOT for knowing that her husband is intentionally driving their family in to massive debt for no reason.

Hey NORMAN!  GO find a local free health care clinic.  Go to the government and sign up for the welfare based health insurance if your income is so low that you can't afford to move your wife's INSURANCE PLAN from individual to family.

Or, get a job that offers insurance.

These IDIOT people make me vomit.  All they want is anything they desire and demand the government provide it on the spot.  They expect their lives to be free of stress, debt, trouble, and economic woes.  They expect that being reliant upon the government is how life is best lived. 

They give their hopes, their dreams, their souls to the government.  They think that by doing so they will have paradise on Earth.  "What me worry?  The government will provide all"  Yeah, ask the Russians and the former Soviet Union Bloc countries how that turned out for them.

Only IDIOTS would see this horrendously disaster of a bill will see it as a blessing. 

Oh, and hey guys!  ObamaCare won't actually start till around 2014.  And, it will only cover about 75% of the now uninsured by the end of its first decade.  So, these IDIOTS could be still waiting for covereage 10 years from now.  Yet, they will have had 10 years of taxes and fees even before getting one iota of benefit.


And some of these IDIOTS point to some pro-ObamaCare statements by Health Insurance companies as proof that everyone loves the bill.  Well, let's take a look at that.  Specifically from one state's Blue-Cross provider.

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. — The head of North Carolina's largest health insurance company sees Washington's overhaul of the health insurance landscape as a positive step.

Wow.  Yeah, that does sound like Blue-Cross supports this legislation.  But, let's find out more.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina CEO Brad Wilson said Monday he hopes Congress will go further by acting to hold down rising health care costs. Wilson says those costs are driving insurance premiums higher.

So, even though he is positive towards this evil America-killing bill, he does not see it resolving the problem of rising health insurance premiums of which....... his company is in charge of!!! 

Blame someone else is always the best route to take in life.

But, we still have not found why Blue-Cross likes this bill.  Till now....

Health insurers also would get a big increase in customers since most Americans would be required to buy insurance or face penalties if they refused.

Now we hear why he likes this IDIOTIC bill.  Customers will be FORCED to get insurance and he is hoping to get a large piece of that pie.  Oh, along with some of those large subsidies Obama promised the insurance industry for supporting him.

Bribe anyone?


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#1 DMartyr 23-Mar-2010

Isn't DeCarlo Flythe the same woman who thought she wouldn't have to pay for her mortgage or for gas once Obama was elected?


Nope, different idiot.

#2 captainfish 23-Mar-2010

They seem to breed despite nature's survival of the fittest law.

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