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Awesome Jobs: Meet Mr. Official Iranian Salute Guy!

In the interests of keeping you entertained, we here at Snapped Shot are always on the lookout for new and exciting things. Fortunately for you, the world has plenty of dictatorships that provide hours of source material for this kind of thing.

Which brings me to our latest topic:—Highlighting some of the awesomest jobs that are created or saved by dictatorships all around the world! And since the United States seems to be headed in the direction marked "Towards Dictatorship," we figure it'd be a good thing for all Americans to be familiar with the trappings of ill-gotten power.

As the Boy Scouts always say—Be Prepared... (for Dear Leader)!

So without further ado, allow me to introduce to you our first installment of Awesome Jobs:—Mr. Official Iranian Salute Guy! You might think you have a tough job, but believe me, you've got nothing on this tireless official.

This man brings his "A" game to every occasion, showing everyone near and far how crisp his salute can be—from the nearest tribal overlord:

to the Son of Satan himself:

That salute is always there—Always on.

He's like an Energizer Bunny of dictatorial empowerment.

And while it might occasionally look like he is directing his salute elsewhere...

And certainly, nobody would begrudge him for saluting such a cute little Proletarian peasant girl...

You can rest assured that his arm snaps Heavenward for only one man in the entire world.

Now that's not to say that Mr. Official Iranian Salute Guy is all alone in this world. On the contrary, dear Comrade!

When official ceremonies are conducted between multiple dictatorial powers, you're sure to discover before too long that there are, in fact, other Official Salute Guys out there—Each as unique as a McMansion in Outer Suburbia, and as subtle as a bulldog at the cat show.

Well-versed in the quiet language of salute, and carefully selected to match the dictatorial height precisely, these official couriers of anti-Democratic pomp always seem to enjoy each other's company.

The abject symmetry of dictatorial reign is never made more apparent than by the Official Salute Guy—the constant companion of many a tyrant.

And even when they try to outdo each other, you can rest in the comfort of knowing that it's all in good, clean fun.

"Oh, we're Mr. Fancy Forward-Palm Salute Guy today, huh?"

So on the off chance that America does succumb to the international tide of Dictatorship, just know this:—We will do everything in our power to have the most awesome Official Salute Guy in the entire world.

But don't worry, little fella. We're sure Mahmoud will still love you best!

Thanks for listening, and I wish you well in the remainder of the Second Year of Our Ruler.

A Salute to All Comrades who Link:

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#1 captainfish 23-Mar-2010


THat is most awesome Brian.  You know your dictator cares not for you that he hires a saluter to salute in his stead.  He doesn't care enough to do it himself.

Betcha somewhere buried down in the ObamaCare bill, is the requirement for the USA's version for Heil Obama.

#2 Anonymous 24-Mar-2010

Good stuff - keep it up!

#3 Kenny Solomon 24-Mar-2010

Now that's funny right there,I don't care who you are.

Our Dictator In Training Pants already has a few guys like that ready to go, but they're laying low in their current jobs as Press Secretary, MSNBC anchors and NY Times writers.

Cheers !

Kenny Solomon

Typical bitter Jewish God-clinging gun owner and barking-mad insane NASCAR fan.


#4 Anonymous 24-Mar-2010

I bet his fingers are super-glued to his temple.


#5 Anonymous 24-Mar-2010

I totally dig the saluting dude's beard! Long may it gray!

Or is saluting dude Pitchman Billy May's long lost brother?

#6 Import Daemon 25-Mar-2010
#7 Anonymous 12-Apr-2010

It's nice to see Ringo Starr with a job.

#8 Graham J. 13-Jun-2010

Have you seen the Iranian Salute Guy's blog? Good stuff there.

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