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Joseph, I Completely Agree

I agree completely with Joseph Farah's assessment of Gov Mitt Romney and his chance future as a future presidential candidate.

Take Massachusetts' Romneycare, please! It is bankrupting the state. Treasurer Timothy Cahill calls it a "fiscal train wreck." The projected cost in 2006 was $88 million. The actual cost to date is $4 billion. Massachusetts would be broke already if it weren't for federal Medicaid reimbursements and bailouts from Washington.

Many Massachusetts residents now have insurance but can't find a physician to care for them. More than half the doctors in the state are not accepting any new patients. New patients lucky enough to find a doctor have an average wait time of 44 days for an appointment.

Romney is still defending his support of this debacle. Do you really think he's going to lead the overturning of Obamacare? Get real.

I don't want to overstate the case, but the rejection of Mitt Romney is literally a matter of life and death – not just for anyone needing good medical care in the future, but for American liberty as we have known it for the last 200 years.

Rule him out. Scratch him from your list. Don't even consider him. Spread the truth about this charlatan.

There is perhaps no more dangerous man in America today than Mitt Romney. If he succeeds Obama, it will be the final nail in the coffin of American liberty.

No more do we need fluffy Republicans.  No more can we afford to play with the idea of a "compassionate" conservative.  Those are just pseudonyms for liberals.  As we all know, there are people in office that should be labeled Socialist, but have been granted the label of Republican. 

We call these people RINOS.

We, as a nation, will not survive if we continue to dance with the devil.


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