The Ghost of Snapped Shot

Or, welcome to my low-maintenance heck.

OH, COME ON!!! Seriously?

I just yesterday posted how the Warmists could not let a good weekend go without trying to ruin things.  Not to be outdone, the scientists have their own doomsday message. 

And, if history is any guide, a scientist with an agenda is as dangerous as a Socialist with an agenda.

Get ready for a journey through the fanciful delights from the mind of a scientist.

Ok, you are sitting down, right?  Ok, raise your arms over your head because here comes the thrill of the ride.

What caused a sudden cooling of up to 8C just as the Earth was warming at the end of the last ice age has puzzled scientists.

The change caused glaciers to re-advance and coincided with the rapid extinction of 35 families of North American mammals.

Evidence exists of an extraterrestrial event, such as an asteroid or comet impact.

Hmmm.  Interesting.  Could it be another massive, quick flood of fresh water?  Could it be an asteroid impact?  Or, how about a massive series of volcanic eruptions.  I mean, scientists have told us that each of these have all caused the near-extinction of the entire earth. 

What could it possibly be this time?  Seems like each time there is a massive cooling or near extinction, it is always some new reason.

A new theory put forward by according to Professor Bill Napier, from the Cardiff University Astrobiology Centre suggests it occurred when the Earth strayed into a dense trail of fragments shed by a large comet.

Thousands of chunks of material from the comet would have rained down on Earth, each one releasing the energy of a one megaton nuclear bomb.

Interesting.  Ok.  So a massive rain of rock upon the face of the earth caused dust, rock and debris to fill our atmosphere?  That then blocked out the sun which caused the planet to cool?  Right?

Wait, did they say .... COMET?!

Thousands of chunks of material from the comet would have rained down on Earth, each one releasing the energy of a one megaton nuclear bomb.

The impacts would have triggered wildfires covering whole continents, filling the atmosphere with smoke and soot and blotting out the Sun.

Experts have found a ''black mat'' of soot a few centimetres thick thought to be left by continental-scale wildfires.

Wait, WHAT?!?  OH COME ON!!  Seriously?!

The earth slipped in to the tail of a comet and experienced the rain of ICE.  And it was that ICE that caused massive continent-wide wildfires?


And forgive me, but if this massive GOD-inspired firery-hair fell for an hour upon the earth, smiting the evil from the face of the planet....... oh sorry, was paralleling there for a sec........ ok, so if the ICE fell for the space of an hour, then wouldn't that only cover one time zone?

And, are there not 24 time zones on this planet?  If the fire-causing ICE fell for only 1/24th of the time-clock, then how could this massive disaster cause world-wide ice age-causing wildfires.

You see, ICE from space caused FIRE on earth.  That FIRE then caused ICE to form all over earth.



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