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Obama VS Those Pesky Stimulus Jobs

I know, I know.  You all are saying, "Not another long post from that fishy captain!"  Nope.  Not this time.  This time, it won't take much to discredit Obama.

A few days ago, Pres Obama made a self-campaign stop at a company called CelGuard in North Carolina.  There he made numerous odd and frightening, and even incoherent, statements, but I want to focus one one.

There, he made this statement:

"Before I took office, we had the capacity to make less than 2 percent of the world's lithium-ion batteries," Obama said. "In the next five years, on the trajectory we're now on, we're going to be able to make 40 percent of the batteries right here in the United States of America."

That, he said, is an argument for the stimulus package. "Next time somebody asks you at the grocery store, 'What did the recovery act do?' you can tell them one of the things it helped do is expand . . . an entire industry."
The advanced battery technology manufacturer has added about 300 jobs in the state after receiving $49 million as part of the federal stimulus package.

Ignoring for the moment that it does not cost $49 million to hire 300 people, $163,333 for each person hired, click on for my albeit brief response: Again, ignoring for the moment that it would be over $163,000 for each of those 300 employees, or that there are reasons why we only are CURRENTLY making 2% of the Lithim-Ion batteries that have more to do with government red tape than it does market forces, I will only provide links to news articles that puts the lies to Obama and his administration.

Did the stimuls package really help CelGuard add 300 jobs?  Well, not if you consider that the company employs 400 people already.  Hiring 300 more would double the workforce causing CelGuard to purchase a larger facility.  That is the reason for the stimulus funds.  They haven't even started construction yet.  They haven't even touched the money yet! So, how could they have added jobs that aren't expected for another 5 years from now.

And, once the federal money is over.... what will CelGuard pay these employees with?  With what will it pay property taxes? 

Why is the federal government involved in helping certain companies expand their business when the market has no need for it?

Mecklenburg County unemployment over 12%, the president is bragging about the “successes” of his  “stimulus” monies...

Yet, what was stimulus monies spent on?  Health insurance and utility billsIT hardware and purchases.   Tennis CourtsForeign companies instead of local companies. 

Banks are hoarding their stimulus cash instead of lending...

Companies are hoarding their 1.6 Trillion stimulus cash waiting to see what health care fines they will have to pay...

"I talk to headhunters and they say the same thing," he says. "No one is hiring."  .. Despite government cash.

Despite all of their pretense and blustering, the administration and the media KNOW that the stimulus bill is a flop and has done nothing, and will not do anything in the future, for people who are unemployed.

While a person may be employed under monies from the stimulus bill, that job will be short-lived and tenous at best.

Only IDIOTS believe they control the economy and employment through the increase of taxes on one portion of the workforce.

The distribution of wealth is an anathema to the workings of the free market economy.


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