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Truth VS Reality: Truth Sucks. Reality Sucks. Hype Obama's Dreamland.

Recently, I posted about how Obama and his administration have been touting the wondrous benefits of the miracle-in-a-bottle cure that was his Stimulus Bill.  I showed how it is near impossible for that Bill's outlays to have had any kind of impact upon the economy or the unemployment rate.

I mean, why else would they think they need a Jobs Bill on top of the "economic" Stimulus Bill?  But it is the Jobs Bill that is the "first step".  (Oh dear GOD!!)

For the last 3 months, the unemployment rate has stayed at the staggering "adjusted" 9.7%.  However, if you take in all of the numbers that are not fit to print (according to the media), unemployment is actually 16.9% (See Table A-15).

What is there to crow about?  After a year, unemployment has done nothing but grow and grow. 

Maybe it is THAT which Obama is happy and ecstatic about

The federal stimulus act has performed "exactly" as the Obama administration expected it to, Council of Economic Advisers Chairwoman Christina Romer said Sunday.
"I think it has done exactly what we would say it would do," she said on NBC's "Meet the Press."


And the outlook is not looking rosey for the next few years either.  And this little girl knows it

(As an aside, my 15yo son, who is probably the laziest person in the world, gets spitting mad when he thinks of his future employment possibilities.  He blames "us" for screwing up the economy so bad that his prospects at finding a good job that pays well will be near-fruitless.  If my 15yo air-head kid can figure this out....)


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