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Terrorist Funnies #2

Time once again, to delve in to the hilarious world of fun and frivolity that we here like to call...

The Terrorist Funnies

Let's begin.  Shall we?

Start you off in Iran.  Where we find it very hazardous to one's health.

"Ishtuk Achmed Ahbalahaldslad was shot in the back during a game after he failed to notice that the opponents kick sent the ball across the ground, instead of up in the air like he assumed."

Wonder why, if Iran hates America so much, that their jersey's have English on them?


After Istuk's early penalty "shot", his coaches rushed the field and cried foul.  They were summarily executed by a crack sniper team - not photographed.


The referees celebrate their own victory for having survived yet another game.


Meanwhile, the crowd went wild.  They were over-jubilant that their team had won with acceptable losses.


Unfortunately, after the game, the losers were forced in to a bus and shipped to work in the uranium mines.


And all the people say, HEY!  "Hey!!"


Meanwhile, back on the farm....

"And over there you can see where we plan to bury the Christians and Jews we have exterminated.  We plan to build a lovely museum here that extolls the past greatness of their contribution to our society.  We will then demolish it as a treasonous offense to me.  And it will all be powered by those windmills."


Teddy Bears and Keffiyehs.  Perfect adorable combination.


"Yes.  Yes.  Wave to the little people.  Hello you life-suckers.  Hello you future manure cakes!  Yes, Yes I mean you.  And you too my smelly friend.  God Allah, don't these people believe in baths and air-conditioning."


"Wait. He's behind me isn't he?  Oh crap!"


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