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Obama Throws Like A Girl

I provide you proof.

First up is this video:  WOWZERS!

And, check out his arm form in this video where he almost didn't even make it to the plate at all.  Haven't we've been told how "athletic" he is.....?

By comparison, thanks to Drew over at Ace... we have Pres Bush tossing out the pitch while wearing 200 pounds of body armor.  (or something like that)



#1 DMartyr 06-Apr-2010

The arrogant twat then went on to whine afterwards saying he was throwing strikes with "heat" during practice, so he can't understand why this throw went so bad.

He probably threw the same at practice. Just in his warped little narsicistic mind he was pitching like a pro.

#2 johnnosk 11-Apr-2010

To be fair to President Zero, his preferred sport is Basketball, not Baseball.  If there was a first free-throw, he may have made it look good.

Maybe his is used to handling bigger balls? 

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