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Congress: Butlers-a-Plenty. Thanks To Your Tax Dollars

I was perusing Sweetness and Light blog this morning and something caught my eye.  Well, several things.  Let me show you what I found.

First, the photo Steve Gilbert inserted in to this article just really freaks me out!! 

Tell me that isn't just the creapiest thing you have ever seen?!!?

And second, the article Steve posted was about the fact that the Politico did some research and found that nearly 2,000 US House staffers, in 2009, earned $172,500.  A representative member of the House makes $174,000.  I find this really odd.  
And, Steve points out this:

The number of staffers earning within the upper 3 percent of House salaries — currently $163,358 or more — has increased by nearly 39 percent in the past four years, according to LegiStorm data. In 2005, there were 203 staffers earning in the top 3 percent. That number spiked to 304 people in 2008 but then dropped in 2009 to 282, likely caused in part by the economic downturn.

Imagine that.  Once the Democrats got in charge, their personal salaries went skyrocketing.  While our country is falling around our ankles, the People's Congress are living in greater luxury.

But, what really caught my eye was this statement:

There are approximately 10,000 House staffers, including district office workers, according to the chief administrative officer…

Did you get that?  No?  Ok.  Follow me on this.  

There are 435 members of the US House of Representatives, right?  And there are 10,000 staffers for those 435 members of the House.

That means that for each and every House Rep, there are 30 staffers.  

SERIOUSLY?!!?!?  Who needs 30 assistants to do their job?  And with 2,000 of them out of a total of 10,000 making over $172,000 a year, that means that each House Rep has 6 people on their staff (on average) making $172,500 a year.

And, the House Rep doesn't pay for that.  Those staffer's salaries come out of YOUR pocket.

Wake up America.  This can't be sustainable.  I think it is time that staffer's salaries come out of the member of Congress' own salary.


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