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Stand Up For Your GOD-Given Rights America. Now Before It's Too Late!

Through all of our searching, listening and research of the health care debate across this country, I think we are missing the bigger picture.  Or, as I am coming to see it, we are missing the bigger evil.

The Socialists in the People's Congress are moving goose-step after goose-step towards changing our country in to a Socialist's wet dream.  While one of the pillars of their dogma, their cult, is the distribution of someone else's wealth by force, their root, their underlying pinning is the consolidation of power away from people.  

People are not allowed to think for themselves.  People can't have time to think of freedom and individual responsibility.  They demand the people to be subservant to and utterly reliant upon the government for all of their needs.  

But, what is worse, and what is key to Socialism is the government dictating to the populace what they should do, what they should be happy about and what they are legally bonded to.  The Socialist government dictates to the people about every little thing. 

Like Communism, it makes the man the servant of the state.  Our Representative form of government makes government the servant of man.  And that is antithetical to the power the Socialists demand FROM the people.  Socialism is clearly opposite to the framework of our unique American Constitution that teaches that our laws and rights are given to us by GOD and not man.  
And yet we are moving closer and closer to that Socialist's dream.  We are losing our rights and freedoms one plank at a time.  And we are afraid to stand up against it.

The primary plank of Socialism is the belief that the people's rights and laws are GIVEN TO THEM by the government.  They do not hold that our rights are inherint and are not able to be taken away from us no matter who is in charge of the People's Congress.  Socialists are the gods of their religion.

And, all you have to do is listen to their own words.  Let's take the outspoken Senator Tom Harkin.  The senator has been very outspoken lately extolling the immense benefit the government run health care system will provide to the little people.  That's you and me.  

But, like I said, that is only the top of the poisoned cake.  Listen to his words carefully.

Here's what he said:

"I've used the analogy of a starter home in which we can add additions and enhancements as we go into the future but like every right that we've ever passed to the American people, we revisit it and later to enhance and build on those rights, and we will do that here surely."

When you allow the government to dictate what rights that you as an individual can have, then those rights can be enhanced, built upon, and even removed entirely.  WHen the government can tell you what rights you have, you become completely stripped of your freedoms.  

Oh sure, they will tell you that you have a right to health care, or to a job, or to a house.  But, when someone else can dictate what you will have, they can dictate the when, the why and the how.  

You want a house?  Fine, here's a one room shack with no heat.  "Hey, we never said the house would come with heat!!  GET OUTA HERE you ungrateful serf!"

You want health care?  Fine.  Here's a needle and some scissors.  Now go wait over there till we find a doctor that might still around in your state.

If they can tell you what rights you have, they can tell you when you can get those rights and how much of those rights.  In Socialism, people are NOT equal.  Some are more equal than others.

For someone to grant you a right, that person has to see themselves as being greater, more powerful, more... right, than you.  They have to see themselves as being in  position of greater power.  They must see themselves in a position of ULTIMATE authority.  Unaccountable.  Unafraid of their decisions.  They see themselves above those rights that they dictate to the common people.  They don't have to play by the same rules that they dictate to the little people.

Our Congress is acting like this now.  Actually, it has been over the last several decades.  Our Congress members believe they have the power to dictate rights and freedoms.

Don't let them.  Don't give our "representatives" the power of kings and queens.  Don't allow them to tell you what your rights are.  Don't look to Congress for your basic needs.

Be an individual.  Be a man.  Be a free man.  Support yourselves and support your family on your own.  Be a human.

Don't be a slave.  Don't be a slave to the government.  Don't be a servant to someone who thinks, who is trying, to steal your power, your rights, from you.

When you hear a member of Congress telling you that they have given you a right, shout that person off the stage.  Vote that person out of office before the corruption spreads.  Get people in there who value the Constitution.  Vote people in who understand our history and the role of people and its representative government.

Whatever happened to the belief, that was once stated by even a Democrat years ago:  "Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country!"


Stand up and take your rights back.

Because if you don't, this government will continue to believe they have the power to dictate what you can rightly have and not have.  Watch this again.  

Iowa, wake up.  Stand up.  Vote this tyrant out of office.  Take back your rights.  Take back your country.


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